Accept Doubt

Accept Fear

Accept Anger

Accept Reality

Accept Love

Accept Happiness

Accept Change

Intricate webs will eventually unfold

~ Margarita Cano

A lot is changing. Now, but also, always. Life is change. Things constantly transform. Go from one state to another. From one form to another. It’s a basic principle of energy: it is never created or destroyed, just changes form.

Spring, summer, fall, winter, spring.

I’ve been paying attention to subtle and not so subtle forms of transformation in my life. Transition. Development. Growth.

Total Shift.

Watching the world literally flip upside down. While I do handstands and while everything else spirals about. I lose track of gravity and which direction it pulls. Or does it push?

And in the span of a short while, I’ve noticed patterns in the transformations. And from that have spiraled lots of questions.

Have you ever filled up a bottle with water and noticed the sound? As the bottle fills, the sound changes. First the water hits the bottom of the bottle. Then the water hits water itself inside a mostly empty bottle. Then the water hits itself in a mostly full bottle. And when the bottle is full the sound levels off. Then stops…

Then comes crashing down

In a new form

The water

Has started to overflow

As the bottle fills, the sound changes.

On its way toward full, the bottle, the water, the sound, it all transforms.

It refines. The sound becomes more clear, to a higher pitch, and apparently self-evident.

It sends a signal: a soothing, sweet song, to let the filler know it is full.

The transformation is complete.

Then suddenly it changes.

The sound stops altogether.

Then explosion.

The whole process is transformation. From growth. Filling Up. Until it overflows.

As the bottle fills, the sound changes.

Spring summer fall winter spring.

And life is change. There is such little time to consider trivialities as the change of the sound of filling a bottle. There is such little time.

And life is change. And there is such little time. Why do we invest it in creating? In transforming things from one form to another. Back and forth. Chop wood, carry water.

Why do we take raw seemingly arbitrary ideas and compare them, move them about. Transforming ideas to in such a way to be understood by others. Why is there a need to share? To offer? Something that could potentially transform the receiver. Like the sound of filling a bottle.

As the bottle fills, the sound changes.

Like how as it fills, as the bottle grows towards its fullest, to its greatest capacity and potential, it transforms the energy and signals to its filler- to anyone who will hear its song! -that it is indeed transforming.

Is this how the process of transformation transforms us? If this bottle filling sound is just a microcosm example of transformation in a blip of a tiny moment of our lives, what, then, is the transformation, is the process, the dharma, the sharing, of our life? What, then, is the song of our transformation?

How are you refining?

How are you transforming?

How are you expressing signs of growth, of filling up?

Are you singing soft sweet songs?

Are you crashing down, overflowing?

Are you doing the work?

Are you the sound of air passing over an empty glass?


The sound of no transformation.


Emptiness. Stagnance.

No faucet in sight.

And life is change. And there is such little time. Because even the time (whatever time is anyway?) transforms. Evident in our bodies as they age. In the world around us as it evolves. In the sun, as it goes from up to down.

And the questions ultimately lead to more questions. About intention. About steering the transformation. About taking some responsibility for it. Accountability. Humility. Taking charge of it.

And also, humility.

How do you want to transform?

Mindlessly, hollow, empty?

Proudly singing, rising to fuller and fuller versions of yourself?

Furthermore, how do you want to transform others? Just by way of interacting with others and the world around us, energy is exchanged- transformation occurs. So, in what ways do you want your energy to transform? What values will you bring with you? What intentions and offerings? How can you share your light? How can you be more? How can your life be a force of good? A soft sweet song of inspiration. A filling bottle.

How can your life in some way contribute to the refining transformation of others?

How can you share your light?

And life. Life is change. There is such little time to consider trivialities as the millionfold microcosm examples of transformation in our lives. To consider all the questions that stick in us like fishhooks.

So, circle all the way back to the bottle filing

The soft sweet song

A thousand flowers blooming all around


Time has transformed the Earth into spring. Deciding at this moment to share its light in the form of vibrant flowers, cool breezes, and golden sun. Although, ‘deciding’ doesn’t quite seem to be the right word. And neither does ‘intending.’ Because it is all just happening.

It is transforming.

Because life is change.

It isn’t up to the Earth.

It is transformation.

Everything is in a constant flux of transformation.

And if you listen quietly, as the bottle fills, the sound changes.

And so, with fishhooks and flowers, and acceptance of ‘transformation’ in and of itself, we are left with just enough faith, trust, surrender, curiosity and hope to ask of the transformation ahead:

If it is this glorious now, what is to be?

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