The Renaissance of 2020

4 steps to resilience and resurgence in the aftermath of disaster

‘I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness 
the astonishing light of your own being.’
~ Hafiz of Shiraz

Well, here we are. 

Brushing pebbles through the mud with the toe of our shoe. 

Hands in pockets. 

Specks of leftover rain slide off leaves onto our face.

Gray wind. 

We are alone.

And maybe surrounded by people.

Maybe surrounded by devices connecting us to people.

Maybe people six feet away with their faces covered.

But it’s like Mac sangs,  “Sometimes I get lonely, not when I’m alone. But it’s more when I’m standing in crowds that I’m feeling the most on my own.”

The trying times of this era have blown down those things with fragile foundations. 

All things scantily tied together with shoestrings and toothpicks have met their match.

The house we've been building in pieces.

Now we stand amongst these piles of rubble and wet earth.

Our work has changed. Our socializing has changed. Our day to day lives have changed.

And soon to follow suit, 

The very meaning of our lives will change. 

And we can stand here 




Or we can salvage the salvageable. 

Sweep away the mess and ask:

“What will I do with these broken pieces?”

If you are standing amidst the rubble, here’s 4 practical steps to dust your shoulders off and reassemble:

Rip off the bandaid 

Stand up with courage and take stock. 

Then, cut your losses.

Old bandages lead to infection. 

Clinging will only lead you astray. 

Accept defeat with your head up.

Trust in the natural resilience of your own self. 

Get to the root of what was good

The functional qualities of old foundations can be woven into what we do next. 

Pick up the pieces that worked. Continue with procedures that are useful. 

No need to reinvent the wheel.

This is not to say that everything that lasted is good: weeds and cockroaches have somehow survived. Use discernment. Identify the essence that worked and apply it to the current conditions. If we build the foundations right in the first place we can rely on them going forward.

Deepen your focus

Now is the time to dive right in.

Develop a pointed intention and move towards it.

Abort the old route. Full speed ahead in a new direction.

Draw out a clear vision. Map a timeline. Don’t take no for an answer.

On the other side of this period, you’ll either have pilfered and squandered away this opportunity for rebirth. Or, you’ll have sharpened your tools, tuned your instruments, and prepared for what is to come. 

Be consistent

Keep going.

Baby steps are most important. 

Growth under the surface accumulates and transforms into visible change. 

Do what you are doing and keep at it. 

Aim for dependable, sustainable, rational decisions that will last for the long haul.

It is muddy and gray

And we’ve veered severely off course.

And turning back is not an option.

We have no choice but to

Rip off the bandaid. 

Get to the root of what was good.

Deepen our focus.

And be consistent. 

We can't build the same house we meant to in the first place

We can’t anticipate every possibility 

But with resilience and resurgence

We can rebirth during this renaissance.

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