3 Ways to Center

Three ways to refocus a chaotic mind!

Ever have a day where you're busy all day long and by the time you get home you can't remember what you'd been doing? Getting things done so absentmindedly that the whole day whizzed by in a blur? Like a crushed cookie, with pieces everywhere?

crushed cookie?

If so, here are three super simple ways to center. to refocus, to bring some presence and mindfulness to your day, so life doesn't pass by so unnoticed. 

1. Journal

Sometimes there are so many things swirling in my mind there is no way I could possibly keep track. I have to-do's and lists and thoughts and feelings spinning round and round. It feels like I am a mystery even to myself. For this Journaling is a great tool to center. It grants the opportunity to expound the chatter in my head out onto paper. The to-do lists, the thoughts and feelings, it can all come out of my brain into an organized map-of-sorts of whats really going on. In doing so, the holy mess unravels. The feelings and thoughts have a way of sorting themselves out. Journaling  is a practice of self-reflection.When you write, you give yourself the mental space to think out all kinds of scenarios, and to consider options and viewpoints you might not have considered before. It also acts as a creative (and cathartic!) space where you have the freedom to express yourself however you choose. You can draw little cartoons or graphs. You can write poetry or songs. You can just expel all the gobbledygook that is floating somewhere in the ethereal corners of your mind. Journaling is an excellent tool to bring you to center! 

write draw paint express yo'self

2. Physical Activity

May be a bit biased when I say that yoga is the best form of psychical activity. But the truth is, any practice that gets your body moving and your blood flowing will do the trick. Physical activity promotes focus and concentration. How are you going to balance in a tree pose if you are thinking about your grocery list? (You should have written it down during journaling! LOL)  When your body is otherwise absorbed in a psychical practice your mind is left to quiet, to turn inward and support the process of centering. Physical activity leaves little time or space for groceries lists. Similarly the mind becomes hyper aware of the ego-mind talking. When you push yourself to keep moving and that little tiny voice in your head says, "I've had enough, I cant go any more" a centered mind responds with bravery and knows its power to keep going. Among tons of health benefits that physical activity brings, so it brings a sound and centered mind. 

be active!

3. Be in Nature

From a psychological and physiological viewpoint, being in nature has a profoundly therapeutic effect on the body, and central nervous system. In the same way it has the ability to bring quiescent placidity to the mind. When you experience sensations of nature the body and mind undergo a healing process. Blood pressure lowers, stress hormones and anger levels drop, muscular tension dissipates. The experience of being in nature is also an intuitive one. We can witness the small and large phenomena of nature, the patterns of behavior of all living things. This experience resonates with us at a very primal level, instinctual even, as we too are part of these processes of nature. Nature can also bring a sense of what is known in Japanese as Sabi, or solitariness. Note the distinction that this is not loneliness, but a space of solitude or remoteness which promotes growth. It is this experience of quite alone time where we truly learn who we are. We come back to our center. 

get yo' plant on!

These are just a few simple ways to come back to a balanced centered mental space. There are multitudes of practices, exercises, and tools to utilize when you're feeling a bit over stimulated and wrapped into the narrative of it all. Explore your options and find the ways that suit you best. Center from within and you'll find that all the external input will meet you half way. You'll become a delicious whole cookie again!

become whole again

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