3 Tips for Sustainable Living

Reduce Your Impact - Raise Your Vibrations

Less Plastic!

It’s May which means things are officially in bloom! All the seeds that you've been planting are coming to flower and now is the time to be the best you you can be!

Here are 3 sweet simple tips on how to live your every day life more sustainably and with a more mindful impact!

1. Make Less Waste

Pay attention to the shear amount of waste you create in one day. It is astounding! Paper towels, bags from every store for every single item you buy, plastic wrappers, straws, paper plates and utensils, containers for food... the list goes on. Opt for more sustainable choices: dry hands with a towel and shop with reusable bags. If you've got plastic bags give them another life as a trash bag. Paper bags from stores can be used as a lunch bag. When plastic is the only option, reuse it! Save plastic utensils and use them again.  Food containers like jars can have another life storing spices, buttons, or whatever you've got and spinach tubs can act as Tupperware for tomorrows' lunch! Buy dry goods in bulk and bring your own jars to refill. Throw all paper and plastic into the recycling bin if it cant be re-used. Ditch plastic water bottles in favor of reusable ones. Plus my favorite way to re-use is to grow plants in old soup cans. Just puncture a few holes in the bottom for drainage and vualá - trendy house plant!

Canvas Tote for the Win!

2. No Spend Days

Here's a practice that helps fight the system and protect your wallet! It speaks for itself...plan for a day once a week where you won't spend any money (or specific time of day everyday.) How is this sustainable you ask? When you spend money you #VoteWithYourDollar and contribute to the mysterious and elusive 'economy.' Consider the supply chain: how did this product make its way to you? Unless you spend on locally grown produce or a locally provided service, you can bet that purchase has a carbon footprint. Further, the materials used to fabricate the product (hopefully not plastic!), the labor (wish this was love!) and transportation that went into bringing this product to your hands impact the planets' air quality, water quality, life quality and take valuable resources. Reverse these impacts. Once a week walk or bike where you need to go. Eat leftovers instead of ordering more food. Skip out on purchasing clothes, magazines, or other nonsense impulse buys. Commit to No Spend Days where you do not contribute to the economy.

You'll reduce your impact, live more sustainably and save money!

Bonus points too, when you buy less you make less waste... Do this practice and you're 2/3 on sustainable tips!

Ride yo Bike!

3. Simplify

Want to know a secret? You don’t need as much stuff as advertisers want you to think you do. You don't even need half of it.


Eat meals with fewer ingredients. Demand high-quality instead of high-quantity.

Mix and match clothes instead of buying new.

Trade household items with friends.

Re-purpose things around the house, or give them to a home where they'll be appreciated instead of collect dust.

Put down your phone and read books from the library (or check out your library's digital collection!)

Attend community events. Be a part of the community!

Take a walk!

Schedule in self-care time.

Drink tea at home.

Write in a journal.

Plant plants!

Remove physical clutter from your life and find that you remove mental clutter too!

Give yourself the space to simplify your life and you'll in turn find that life is more sustainable!

More Plants Less Clutter!

There are a million and one ways to reduce your impact. These three easy practices can be implemented no matter what your lifestyle is if you are willing to give them a try!

Let me know how your tips for sustainable living in the comments below!

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